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06 March 2016 - Redeemed: Bought and Paid For


We begin a new month with a new theme: The Way of the Cross. As we near the end of lent, we encourage you to continue to take this time to repent, pray, fast, reflect and exam your faith and relationship with Jesus Christ. In today’s message Pastor Harlyn Purdy reminds us that God required a price to be paid for sin and that Jesus paid it for each and every one of us through His journey to the Cross. We were redeemed: bought and paid for by the precious blood of Christ, a lamb without blemish or defect.   


28 February 2016 - Communication: Getting It Said Well


This week’s message takes us to the book of James chapter 1 and 3 where we learn invaluable Godly wisdom in communicating. How effective would your communication become if you were to engage three simple Godly guidelines in every conversation you had? Pastor Francis Kalembera presents the final installment our four part series, The Four Pillars of Strengthening Relationships titled, "Communication: Getting It Said Well".   


21 February 2016 - Conflict


This week’s message is about dealing with conflict while walking in love. Pastor Harlyn Purdy takes us to the book of Acts chapter 6 to illustrate that less than 5 years from its inception the church finds itself in conflict. What causes conflict? How can we address the issue of conflict while maintaining a relationship of Godly love? When the inevitable conflict arises between believers the answer is found in the Word of God.   


14 February 2016 - Setting Boundaries in Relationships


We continue with this months theme of The Four Pillars of Strengthening Relationships. In today’s message Pastor Harlyn Purdy helps us to watch and guard our lives by establishing intimacy boundaries in relationships in an ever increasing lost world of infidelity and adultery. We hope that today’s teaching will remind us that married love was created and ordained by God and that intimacy is part of God’s plan for us in the boundaries of a marriage between a husband and a wife.   


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