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3 April 2016 - Basic Training for Life's Most Important Task



Prayer is the most important task for a Christian. In today's teaching, Pastor Harlyn Purdy demonstrates that one way we can learn to pray is by looking at the prayer life of Jesus.

We hope that this message will encourage you to put prayer first in your life, just as Jesus emphasized the importance of prayer. As you spend more time with the Lord in prayer, you will find comfort and peace in the midst of life's challenges while being more aware of God's will.   


27 March 2016 - Whip, Hammer and The Cross



Today we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ - the only one through whom we are reconciled to God. It's the most important series of events in the history of the world was the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. This assures us that if we truly trust and obey Jesus, He will one day raise us from the dead also. In fact the resurrection of Jesus Christ is the greatest proof that He is indeed the Christ, the Son of the living God. Pastor Harlyn Purdy reminds us of the very foundation of the Gospel by which we are saved - the good news of forgiveness of sins, a means to reconcile with God and a promise of eternal life to all who obey the Gospel of Jesus Christ.   


20 March 2016 - Palm Branches and Praise



As we begin the Holy Week with Palm Sunday, Pastor Harlyn Purdy takes us back almost 2000 years ago when we celebrate the King of Kings, Jesus Christ, and commemorate the events of the final days of Jesus' life when He received much praise and adoration from the crowds as He rode into Jerusalem during the Jewish passover festival.   


13 March 2016 - The Cross: Four Exchanges



We continue with our March theme: The Way of the Cross with a powerful message by Pastor Francis Kalembera that will have you thanking Jesus for his grace, love and sacrifice. We study some of the different aspects of what God accomplished on Calvary by the death and resurrection of Jesus.   


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