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Achieve the good life
Grace and Obedience - 1 Peter 1:13-16

The tension between law and grace is longstanding. How does obedience relate to conversion? This is a huge question that the church has struggled with for centuries. They have, over the centuries, been various responses to the question: Arminianism, Legalism, Calvinism, etc.

Peter addressed this question in these verses.

Therefore verse 13 begins with this word. Therefore is an important word and always turns our attention backward. Here it is turning our eyes to verses 1-12 which describe God's saving work.

Following the therefore is the command to live a godly life. Living a godly life (obedience) is rooted in God's saving work (grace).

Bible Studies

Our Bible studies are developed by pastors and staff at City Pentecostal Church to train you to study the Bible for yourself as well as lead you through the truths of Scripture. Our Bible studies will help you to grow spiritually and meet life's many challenges.

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