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Youth & Young Adults


Changing the world through love

At CPC Youth and Young adults we value the total individual thus Spiritually, Physically and mentally (emotionally, academically, psychologically etc). Our special events encompasses around: Various Discipleship Programs, Life Mentoring Seminars, Night of Prayers, Sports and much more. Our meetings are charectized with the presence of God and an intense love of the Holy Spirit. Every end of the month we made it our tradition to celebrate in style birthdays of the Youth in the church. In such a unique setting we get to know each young person individually, their struggles, gifting, and their dreams in life. In so doing we build a community of loving one another and showing how much we value their individual life and their role in the Kingdom of God.


Equipping Young leaders

Anywhere in the world today there is a crisis; a leadership crisis in particular. Therefore; the world is groaning for selfless leaders that can stand in the gap for families, communities and whole nations at large. CPC Pastors are equipping young leaders that understand ‘gaps’ in our society with a ‘great need’ to be filled with selfless servant leaders. In CPC Youth and Young adults we constantly look for these gaps which are places of weakness, vernability and danger (Ezekiel 22:30). To fill some of these gaps CPC Youth and Young adults are involved in the only Street Kid’s Ministry in Malawi and our youth regularly join missionaries from around the world in various districts of Malawi to stand in the gap, above all to exhibit servant leadership.


Positioned for impact

We strongly believe that our congregation is located on a strategic position in the city of Blantyre (CBD) where as a Youth we have an advantage to influence both the lives in the City that can in turn influence the nation at large with God’s Word. We are also an international gathering that receives youth from all over the world with different skills in the body of Christ. All our events are therefore prepared and accomplished with excellence.


Filled with the Holy Spirit

Our earnest ‘prayer’ as a youth in Central Africa is to see every young person that God leads in our congregation to be filled with the Holy Spirit and to see the Kingdom manifested in their lives. We also aim to have one common denominator which is: a passion to follow Jesus and to be immersed in His presence.
Our goal is that anywhere in the world Where CPC Youth are found the Presence of God is a necessity. Because it is only in the Presence of god where burdens are lifted and problems are eased and life is enjoyed. We believe Church is more than the four walls of the church building; we therefore aim to go beyond to transform Our families, Our friends, Our workplaces and our world at large with God’s Love. 
So that where we are found; salvation of souls and deliverance is inevitable.
 This is our passion to see the move of God in our nation and beyond through the working of our partner and friend the Holy Spirit. CPC youth and young adults, we are very open to collaborate with other congregations that have the heart for Jesus and and a heart for lost souls to bring them back to Jesus.
Every Sunday at 8:00 am we join hands and volunteer in the ‘King's kids Ministry’ of the church where more than 200 street kids in Blantyre from ages of 5-28 gather for their special service. We volunteer in teaching, ministering to them, preparing their Sunday meals and providing counseling.

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